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Please provide a sharable link to a current video walkthrough of your store. The link must be downloadable, so we suggest services like Facebook or Google Drive. YouTube and Dropbox will not be accepted.

By applying for WPN Premium status, I certify that I am an owner of the applying store. I have read through the WPN Premium Quality Checklist. I understand that I may need to re-verify my store qualities from time to time to maintain my WPN Premium status. I acknowledge and agree to regular store visits by Wizards of the Coast ("Wizards") employees and/or secret shoppers, whose experiences at my store may impact my designation as a WPN Premium status member. I agree to provide up to one (1) year of Point of Sale (P.O.S.) data upon the request of Wizards and upon fourteen (14) days’ notice from Wizards. Such data will be for Wizards' sole use, provided that Wizards does not share this data with any other person except that Wizards may share as necessary with a third party that has been contracted to aggregate and process this data. I understand that I am expected to maintain at all times all WPN Premium requirements, to communicate with Wizards professionally and honestly, and to uphold all WPN policies. I acknowledge that any violations of these expectations may result in removal of my WPN Premium status or from the WPN entirely. I also understand that Wizards may revoke my WPN Premium status at any time at its discretion without liability. I acknowledge that I am not relying on WPN membership or WPN Premium status for the operation of my business, and that I am not in a joint venture or legal partnership of any type with Wizards.

I have read through the WPN Premium Quality Checklist and created a walkthrough video of my store that is appropriate in length, shows all customer accessible areas and filmed in landscape mode.

By clicking "Accept," I acknowledge that, if I am accepted into the WPN Premium program, I will receive an LED Magic: The Gathering Sign ("Sign") for my store, and I agree that I will display this Sign only in a safe place, e.g. on a shelf or hung up securely and in a location where people will not be hit if the sign fell. I agree and understand that Wizards will not be responsible for any injury to people or property caused by my failure to secure the Sign. I also acknowledge that my receipt of this product is on an “as-is” basis. I understand that Wizards expressly disclaims all warranties, representations, guarantees, and conditions of any kind, express, implied, or statutory; this includes without limitation all implied warranties and conditions of title, non-infringement, satisfactory quality or reliability, and fitness for a particular purpose.

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