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By checking the box above and clicking “Submit,” you acknowledge and agree to the following, courtesy of our Law Mages: 1. Wizards of the Coast LLC (“Wizards” or “we”) is under no obligation to provide you with any grant funding, and your application does not guarantee that you will receive funding for your project. If you do receive funding, you acknowledge that such funds will not cover the entirety of your contemplated renovations. 2. We will do our best to choose proposals that seem reasonable and feasible, but cost overruns are a possibility, and Wizards will not be responsible for them. Wizards will not have any financial or other liability to you beyond any grant funds that we award you. 3. We will be collecting some data on your store’s successes in order to monitor the success of this grant project. This data will include your event attendance, engaged player metrics, overall sales data, and some qualitative data obtained by having a secret shopper visit your store. We will request that you send us sales data, in a form that we will provide to you, regarding sealed product sold in your store. We will not share this data with any third party except as necessary to process and analyze it. We will share with you what we learn about your store. You acknowledge your consent to the collection of this data, and to being visited by the secret shopper. 4. We want to see your transformation! You agree to send us before and after photos of the project, and you agree and acknowledge that Wizards may use those photos in our own marketing materials (which may include posting them to Facebook). 5. You agree and acknowledge that the amount of your grant, if you receive one, is confidential information. You will not share this information with anyone. We want the focus to be on the projects themselves, not how much money a store has received.

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